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By Kelsey Edwards Ema

November 3rd 2005

12:54:34 PM

 * In loving Memory 


Nick Wilson*


From your smile to your heart,

It was all very true.

Remembering all the good times,

and the crazy things you use to do.

I went from seeing you everyday

To not seeing you at all

only in pictures, not at school in the halls.

So many people here that would’ve taken your place

No one here will forget you.

We will always love that face.

The face of a friend, until we meet again.

These tears we share, we share together,

We’ll miss you Nik always and forever!

But somehow it must have been part of the plan.

Because now your out of this world,

and your in Gods hands.

As you look down on us,

seeing so many people who cared.

Well talk about our memories

and the great times that we shared.

Too many tears and not enough words

I think about how it might be a long time

before I get to see you again,

And it really hurts.

When you left all of us,

You took a piece of our hearts

There is so many memories,

I don’t even know where to start.

I call your phone hoping you would answer

But I got your voice mail over and over.

Everywhere I go, I hear your name.

Everyone now knows that life’s not just a game.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you,

Or walk slowly past your locker hoping your would appear.

But when I don’t see you to say " what’s up my "Niker"

Down my face rolls a tear.

September 14th, 2005 

I will never forget.

Its something no one will quite understand or fully get.

One day you were right in front on me,

The next you faded away.

Nik, there’s so much that I never got to say.

If I would’ve known

that it would have been the last time

I saw your gorgeous blue eyes,

I would’ve stared in them a little longer,

I would’ve told you "I love you"

And,how you made my heart stronger.

If I would’ve known

that day that I talked to you

was the last time I would hear your voice,

I would’ve talked a little more

just to hear it over and over again.

I would’ve told you how great you were,

and that you were a wonderful friend.

If I would’ve known the last time you hugged me,

would really be the last,

I would’ve held a little tighter

and asked you why you were leaving us so fast.

Theres so many questions that I could ask you,

But, your not here for me to ask.

I wish I could spend just one more day with you,

just to make each moment last.

My heart has sank now that you have went away.

If I could get one more time with you,

I’d make it my favorite day.

I could’ve told you so much all along

but I didn’t think this would ever happen to you.

But now that it has, I’m lost and I’m not sure what to do.

You’r really gone and it is hard to believe.

We are surrounded by hurt our hearts have received.

I miss you so much and I love you,

I just wish I could let you know.

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was let you go.

As they lowered you into the earth,

A piece of everyone went with you.

I felt so hopeless because there was nothing I could do.

You were an arm length away from me,

Yet you weren’t even in the same place.

The memories of you

skateboarding,laughing, and the so many years,

They were showing on my face.

I cant believe God took you away from us

….I just don’t know why.

I miss you so much Nik….why did you have to die?

You were so great of a friend,

probly the truest I know.

But I guess sooner of later, we had to let you go.

With all of this said Nik…

I’ll always wonder why.

Until I see you again "Niker,"

I LoVe YoU AnD GoOd –ByE.

R.I.P Niker

December 13, 1989 

September 14, 2005

By: Kelsey Edwards 

Thank you! 

Nick's Dad

In Loving Memory

of Nick Wilson

Although only on this earth for a very short while, Nick Wilson left an indelible mark on everyone that he knew.
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Had a chance to live a 



his life was



Nick's shirt says



Do you have questions?

Do you want the truth?


Don't be TOLD what to think. 

With FACT, 

YOU Determine the TRUTH!


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Tributes and Condolences
CHRISTMAS/2007  / Dee Corbett (Grandmother)
Nick, I still can't believe you're no longer with us.  The last time I saw you and your Dad together here, at home, was at the front door as you were about to go out.  You had a big smile on your face as you stood next to him, and said &quo...  Continue >>
butterfly  / Tim Trusty
Yesterday, I was outside just thinking and a butterfly landed on my hand. I just stood there and knew Nick had graced me with his presence and thought I'd see what would happen when I raised my hand and it didn't fly for a long time..............
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So sorry for your tragedy...   / Jonathan-Barnes.Memo--ry-of.com (Fellow Angel in Heaven )
I, too, lost my son Jon in a suspicious house fire on December 11th, 2005. God bless you and your family, and I pray our sons may have met in Heaven already...Jon and James ^i^ Heavenly buddies. I wish you luck and peace in finding the truth, as we a...  Continue >>
MERRY CHRISTMAS   / Dee Corbett (Grandmother)
Hi Nick,
As I sit here thinking about spending Christmas without you, and how hard it is, the thought occured to me of how wonderful your Christmas must be in Heaven with God and Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as you get to share in the celebration ...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Nick Wilson  

Let me reach out to you, touch your hand with mine. Let me hear you whisper "It will all be fine." Let me take your place, in that firey nightmare. Please tell me your were gone, before the pain got near. I think of you and smother, not one breath to inhale. I was so close to saving you, but it was you the system fail. Let me see you smile, the smile that lights up the night, let me hear you tell me "Everything's alright." I want to feel you near me, and hug me once more. I wish I could close my eyes and make it as before. You didn't say goodbye, not one word was said. But in the dark morning light, tears were to be shed. Let me hear you tell me "Father I felt no pain." Give me hope and strength to live until we meet again. 

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